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News Update
  • Vietnam Airlines to add 1,200 flights for Tet holiday

    The national flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines, plans to add 1,200 flights from January 28, 2015 to March 18, 2015 to meet the increased demand for air travel and reduce airport overload during Tet holiday.

  • Chay River in dry season!

    Dear all partners, The construction of the dam on the CHAY river in Coc Ly Commune, near Coc Ly Market has created bad effect to all our market tours in the region that in many days there is not enough water along the section of the river where we run the boat trip Coc Ly to Trung Do and Bao Nhai. In the case of no water we have following alternative programs as in below:

  • Silver Water Fall in dry season!

    One of the nature wonder which helps to make Sapa famous is the Silver Water Fall, however due to the deforestration and the changes of the weather in recent years, there is just a few water at the fall in the dry season and the FALL does not look nice at all!