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Sapa "Love" market(2014-11-12 08:25:15)

Sapa love market - where the love begins ... Sapa is well known as a place to begin the love, where is the meeting place for dating of boys and girls in love. On the eve of the weekly Sunday market, the mountainous girls and the boys gather on the central market to get into the music of love, passionate the songs of love and wine inviting folk dance, be lightheadedness with the sweet flirtations..... bashful lovers hand in hand hiding behind the lovely umbrella.

Sapa love market space is recreated at Tourist Information and Promotion Center of Lao Cai Province starting from November 8th 2014. In the campus of the Centre, many activities are organised to reconstruct the love market of the Hmong and Red Dao people in Sapa such as: wife kidnapping, dance Hmong Khen, blowing leaves and lips trumpets, flute or love singing ... to display and sell the endemic products from ethnic people in Sapa. This is the place where to exchange th art - unique culture of Sapa, where visitors can experience and feel the spirit and the "love" of Sapa.

Night Market takes place every day (from 16-22h) in the week, especially Sapa "love" market takes place only on Saturday evening.

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