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Chay River in dry season!(2012-10-10 09:49:55)

Dear all partners, The construction of the dam on the CHAY river in Coc Ly Commune, near Coc Ly Market has created bad effect to all our market tours in the region that in many days there is not enough water along the section of the river where we run the boat trip Coc Ly to Trung Do and Bao Nhai. In the case of no water we have following alternative programs as in below:

* For tours including M1DA, M1DB, instead of taking the boat trip in the afternoon of the market day, customers will enjoy 2 to 3 kilometers on buffalo cart to explore Trung Do valley and village.

* For tours including M1DC, M1DE alternation for the boat trip is to take 1 to 2 hours walking to visit tea farm in Thanh Binh commune on the way back to Lao Cai.

* For M1DH alternative plan is to walk for an hour to visit villages of Black Zao and Flowery Hmong before paying visit to a tea farm in Phong Hai commune. We hope you are all well updated these changes to our customers.

Thanks and best regards,

Green Sapa Tours. Co. Ltd

Dao Duc Phong/GM

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